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Coop, WiFi Firmware

Position Overview:

This role leverages software skills and enthusiasm to build challenging high performance devices. Starry is working on network communications equipment at the consumer and infrastructure level and the system software / firmware team that is part of it works on Linux system level software, communication control and configuration software and also some low level microcontroller software.

  • Linux: You should be very familiar and comfortable with the Linux operating system.
  • C/C++/Python or other languages: You should be comfortable with writing code and debugging and troubleshooting issues that might arise. While no specific language is required, you should be able to adapt yourself to syntax and be familiar with low level programming concepts and debugging.
  • Willingness: This is a small enterprise and system software / firmware is central to the family of products. Willingness and desire to learn new technologies and dig deep to find out root causes of issues will be essential.

We've got you covered!

Our Spring 2021 Engineering Coop program lasts from January 4 to June 25, 2021 at our Boston, MA headquarters. As temporary Starry employees, coops receive accrued vacation time in addition to paid holidays. Our Boston office has a few perks including catered breakfast every Monday, drinks and snacks on hand, free onsite gym, and secure bike storage. We also offer housing assistance to those outside the Boston metropolitan area, so we encourage students from all over the US over to apply!