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When you need help, you can request a support call from the touchscreen. That's just one of many ways to get help from Starry.

Out of the box and online in minutes.

Set up Starry Station in just a few simple steps.

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1. Connect to Modem

Plug one end of your Ethernet cable into your modem, then connect the other end to the WAN port on the Starry Station (the left port represented by the globe icon).

2. Place Starry Station

The placement of your Starry Station, or any router, affects WiFi performance. For best results, place Starry Station where you can see it – not on the ground or hidden in a closet.

3. Connect to Power

Plug Starry Station's power cord into the nearest outlet and follow the instructions on the display. It's as easy as that.

The App

Download the app to access exclusive features and Advanced Settings.

  1. ScreenTime
  2. Extended data views
  3. Guest Networks
  4. Separate 5GHz band
  5. Port forwarding
  1. Static routes for home servers
  2. In-app support messaging
  3. WiFi name and password sharing
  4. Remote health checks

Learn about key features.

Ambient Mode

At a glance see the health of your network and find out if there are issues with any online devices.

Interactive Mode

Get an overview of your Health Score, internet speed, and online devices, see your WiFi name and password, and more.

Speed Checks

Starry Station automatically runs dynamic Speed Checks. You can also run manual checks directly from the touchscreen.

Device Activity Map

Take a closer look at all your online devices and get more info about each.

Support On-Demand

Need help? Request a call from a Starry Expert with one tap.


Set network-wide rules for when certain devices can and can’t be online.

Have questions? Visit our FAQ.

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Trying to decide if Starry Station is right for you? Get info about compatibility, product features, and any other questions you may have.

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Just got your Starry Station? Here’s where you’ll find helpful info about setup and life with Starry.

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If you’re experiencing a problem with Starry Station, here are some tips to get you back on track.

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