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Starry Station

Better WiFi.
Easier than ever.

The touchscreen router that gives you perfect WiFi.
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Good-bye, blinking lights.
Hello, touchscreen.

Starry Station lets you control and understand your WiFi like no router before it. No more blinking lights to decode. Just a better way to stay connected to the things you love.

Your WiFi problems are over.

The only thing worse than buffering or a bad connection is not knowing how to fix it. Starry Station takes the mystery out of WiFi by keeping you in control, every step of the way.

Simple touchscreen setup.

Follow a few easy steps and be online in minutes.

Fast, whole-home WiFi.

A dual-band network and separate 5GHz network cover all your WiFi needs.

Makes issues disappear.

Identifies problems with your internet, WiFi or devices and suggests ways to fix them.

Never wait on hold again.

Request a support call right from the touchscreen.

Gaming. Streaming. Surfing.
Now faster.

Starry Station gives you the speeds to do what you love: browsing, streaming, video chatting—a mix of all three. How you choose to use them is up to you.

Performance and simplicity, together for the first time.

Starry Station works with any Internet service (cable, DSL, fiber, etc.) or ISP. Just connect it to your modem and start streaming. Happy Interneting.

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