introducing starry wi-fi station

The World’s First Ambient Touchscreen Wi-Fi Station

Fast, reliable, easy-to-understand Wi-Fi—all at the touch of a finger. Works with any ISP or service type, including DSL, fiber and cable.

Wi-Fi reimagined.

Wi-Fi has become a major part of our home lives. Yet our link to it, the router, is stuck in the past–and behind the TV. It’s time to evolve beyond that. Meet Starry Station, the touchscreen Wi-Fi station that gives your whole home perfect Wi-Fi.

Perfect Wi-Fi is about speed and performance. It’s about understanding your devices. Knowing when there’s an issue and how to fix it. Getting help from a real person when you need it. It’s about having one device that keeps all the others performing their best. This is Wi-Fi the way it should be.

All your devices. One glance away.

With Starry Station’s Ambient Mode, you can see all your devices at a glance. Each device is represented by an orb. Blue means good, red means trouble. And the larger an orb is, the more data it’s using. Want to know why an orb is red? Simply tap on it for more info.

Your Health Score gives you an overview of your network’s performance. Anything over 60% means you’re in good shape. And Starry Station consciously learns about your home environment to help fix issues as they arise.

Ultra fast. Super reliable. Surprisingly simple.

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Lightning-fast 802.11ac Wi-Fi lets everyone in your home stream on multiple devices at the same time.


Powerful amplifiers provide range that covers most homes, so you’ll have a connection everywhere you need it.

Ease of use

With an ambient touchscreen and tons of intelligent-learning features, Starry Station makes the complex feel simple.

Coming soon: a radical new Internet service.

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