Good-bye, blinking lights.
Hello, touchscreen.

The touchscreen router that makes fast, reliable Wi-Fi easy for everyone.

Better Wi-Fi. Easier than ever.

The first of its kind, Starry Station lets you control and understand your Wi-Fi like no router ever has. No more blinking lights to decode. Just a better way to stay connected to the things you love.

"Starry Station is packed with high-end networking gadgetry...but the real story is how friendly it is to use."

– Tech Insider

"The Rolls-Royce of routers."

– Fast Co

"Starry Station is a beautiful piece of technology that delivers on its promise."

– Time

On performance: "...among the best I've seen."


"...up and running in minutes."

– The Verge

Ultra fast. Super reliable. Surprisingly simple.

Starry Station works with any Internet service. Just connect it to your modem and let the streaming begin. Happy Interneting.

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With a 3.8" touchscreen and tons of user-friendly features, Starry Station makes the complex feel simple.


Lightning-fast 802.11ac Wi-Fi gives everyone in your home the speeds to do what they love online.


It measures your Internet service, Wi-Fi conditions, and device activity to calculate your Health Score: a snapshot of your Wi-Fi’s performance.

Wi-Fi, without the mystery.

The only thing worse than Wi-Fi problems is not knowing how to fix them. Starry Station identifies problems and suggests solutions, so you’ll never play the guessing game again. It also shows you who’s online, which devices are using the most data, and what speeds you’re getting.

Coming soon: a radical new Internet service.

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