We’re the internet service that’s fixing the internet

It's the greatest tool ever invented to connect and learn and work and play. But most people are stuck with just one overpriced, underperforming service. So we’re building a better kind of internet service.

Our Mission

Incredibly complicated problem.
Surprisingly simple solution.

    Check the boxes, fix the internet
  • Step 1: Make it smart

    Our next generation wireless technology is gigabit-capable and constantly innovating to be even faster, more reliable and better able to handle everything you do on the internet.

  • Step 2: Make it simple

    The plan includes everything you need to get connected to the internet, and nothing else, because everything you want is already online.

  • Step 3: Make it affordable

    You should pay a fair price for internet, period. No sneaky promotions, fake prices, extra hardware costs or long-term contracts.

  • Step 4: Make it helpful

    We make decisions by asking if it’s something we’d appreciate as a customer. If it’s not, we don’t do it.

Designed to be different from the ground up. Way up.

Starry is different from other internet providers because our industry-leading technology lets us do everything differently. Since we beam internet through the sky as fast as fiber, we don’t have to tear up the streets to get it to you. That keeps us more cost-efficient, so we can invest more in your experience while still keeping the plan affordable.

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Our Team

If you’re changing the game, you need the right players

People need the internet. It brings us together, helps us learn and connect and do more than any other invention in the history of the world.

Our founding team, led by Chet Kanojia and Joe Lipowski, believe in the power of the internet to change lives, to drive social change, to make the world markedly, measurably better. At the same time, they saw a need for a low-cost, easily deployable technology around the country and around the world.

That’s why they started Starry.

We’re fundamentally rethinking the internet business, from how it’s delivered to what you should expect from your customer service, to make sure more people in more places have access to high-speed, reliable internet than ever before.

Chet Kanojia, CEO

  • Alex Moullé-Berteaux, Chief Operating Officer
  • Tiffany Mosher, SVP, People
  • Virginia Lam Abrams, SVP, Communications & Government Relations
  • Bill Lundregan, General Counsel
  • Don Lehman, Head of Product Design

Where we are

  • Boston

  • Denver

  • Los Angeles

  • New York City

  • Washington, DC

  • Columbus

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