Wireless internet isn't magic, but it’s really, really close

Engineered to work together

We designed every piece of hardware ourselves to ensure it works seamlessly to beam internet from the tops of towers to building receivers and right into your home without a hitch.

Starry Beam

Small but powerful

We mount this innovative antenna on radio towers and skyscrapers to transmit internet across a city. Unlike other providers, we only need one to cover a whole neighborhood, so you probably won't see it unless you happen to be a superhero who spends a lot of time hanging out on rooftops.

Get the deets
  • Coverage radius:
    2 km
  • Bandwidth capacity:
    Over 5Gbps
  • RF Frequency range:
    37-40 GHz
  • Typical beam elevation:
    Above 100 feet
Starry Point

Bringing the internet to a building

Our receivers pick up the signal from the Starry Beam and plug into the building’s existing wiring to deliver internet to the router in your home. Depending on the location, it might be placed on a rooftop or attached to a wall.

Bring Starry to your building

Here’s how we make it work in your building

Starry Point has a small footprint, economical technical requirements and works with your building’s existing wiring. And the best part is we do all the work and cover all the costs.

  • Put Starry Point on your roof

  • Place the network switch in the telco closet

  • Connect Starry Point to your existing wiring

  • Dimensions:
    9.0 in x 11.0 in x 6.0 in
  • Weight:
    8.8 lbs
  • Power Requirements:
    60 W (like a light bulb)
  • Throughput:
    2.5 Gbps ethernet
Starry Router

Built to deliver

Our intelligent WiFi hub plugs into your home’s existing wiring and blankets your whole home in ultra-fast internet. And when you pair it with our intuitive app, it gives you access to powerful controls and our incredible customer service with just a tap.

Designed to put you in control

Run your own
speed test

Easy access to WiFi, network name & password

See what devices are connected

Request a call from Starry Experts

Better for cat GIFs.
Way better for everybody.

Not all next-generation internet is created equal. Our technology lets us use a single transmitter for a whole neighborhood. And since we don't waste money digging up streets or hanging transmitters on telephone poles like the other guys, we can deliver better internet at prices that work for everyone.

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