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Everything you love about the internet. Nothing you don't.

We eliminated the bundles, contracts, hidden fees, and just left the good part: Lightning-fast, incredibly reliable, awesome internet service.

Just fast internet.
Only $50 a month. All in.

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How do you improve internet service?
Rethink everything.

Just Fast Internet.

All we care about is one thing: delivering lightning-fast, super-awesome internet. Not packages of 600 TV channels you don’t watch, or a phone line you never use.

Simple Plans. No Tricks.

No gimmicks. No temporary promos. No hardware costs. No hidden fees. And no sneaky skyrocketing bills. 200 Mbps upload and download speeds. Only $50 a month. All in.

Better Experience, Built In.

Our service is designed to be a better experience, from start to finish. From painless installation on your schedule, to smarter products like our Starry Station WiFi hub included in every plan, to helpful people who are dedicated 24/7 to your internet happiness.

Next Level Technology.

From our wireless millimeter-wave beam that delivers the speed of traditional fiber cable at a fraction of the cost, to Starry Station which is lightyears beyond any router you’ve seen before. If it makes your internet experience better, we’re dreaming it up.

Starry Internet even looks different.

Meet Starry Station, the magical triangle designed to be at the heart of your internet experience. It serves as your home WiFi hub and your all-knowing, always-on support center. And it’s lightyears beyond the finicky blinking black boxes of the past.

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