FCC Affordable Connectivity Program

Get Starry Internet for free through the Affordable Connectivity Program

If you live in an eligible building, your Starry Internet plan (up to $30/mo) can be absolutely free, thanks to the federal government’s Affordable Connectivity Program. Both Starry Select (100 Mbps) and Starry Connect (30 Mbps) are fully covered under the ACP.

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What if I don’t live in an eligible building?

There are other ways you may qualify for the ACP, like income limits or participation in federal aid programs.

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What happens when the ACP ends?

The ACP is a long-term benefit designed to make high-speed internet more affordable. When the ACP ends, we’ll give you 60 more days of discounted service after that so you can decide if you want to pause, change plans, or cancel your Starry service.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the ACP?

    The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a government program designed to make internet access more affordable. The ACP is a short-term program that provides a discount on broadband service of up to $30 per month, per eligible household.

  • How can I tell if I qualify?

    Buildings that are part of our Starry Connect affordable broadband initiative are eligible for discounted internet through the ACP program. Everyone who lives in one of these buildings qualifies for this program, regardless of income level. When you sign up for Starry service, a button that says “Sign up for ACP should appear at the end of the checkout process. That means your building qualifies for the ACP. There are no credit checks or other complex requirements to sign up.

    If you don’t live in one of our eligible Starry Connect buildings, you may also qualify individually for the ACP through income limits, participation in federal aid programs or other criteria. You can learn more here.

  • What if I already have internet service?

    If you already have internet service with another company, just sign up for Starry Internet and then, at the end of the Starry checkout process, sign up for the ACP. You can then cancel your old service. If you already have internet service with Starry, please contact our customer support experts at support@starry.com and they can provide you with a link to opt-in.

  • How long will my discounted internet last?

    We don’t yet know when the ACP will end, but Starry will attempt to give you at least 15 days notice before the ACP expires. But don’t worry, we’ll still give you 60 days of free service after that so you’ll have time to decide if you want to pause, change plans, or cancel your Starry service. (There is no fee to pause, change, or cancel plans.)

  • Will I still receive a bill?

    You will still receive a monthly bill, but it will reflect your ACP discount up to $30/mo, displayed as a credit applied to your account.

  • Which Starry Internet plans are covered under the ACP?

    You can apply the ACP subsidy towards any Starry plan, which range in cost from $15/mo to $85/mo. Our Starry Select plan costs $30/mo, delivers speeds up to 100 Mbps, and is fully covered by the ACP subsidy for eligible households.

    If you choose a higher-speed plan costing more than $30/mo, it will not be free—but you will receive a $30 monthly discount. For example, if you choose a $50/mo plan, you will only pay $20/mo.

  • Will I keep my ACP benefits if I leave Starry for another provider?

    Yes. The ACP program discount can be transferred to another provider at any time.

  • Do I need my own equipment?

    No, everything you need is included with your Starry Internet service, including a high-performance WiFi router.

  • What if the correct ACP plan does not show up for me when I subscribe?

    Follow our 1-2-3 steps above and when you reach out to our Support team to apply your Lifeline National Verifier ID number, indicate that you would like to opt into the special 100/50 ACP plan. Our Support team will take care of the rest!

  • Are there any special offers for ACP customers?

    Yes! Our special Starry Select ACP plan costs only $30/mo and is fully covered by the ACP subsidy for eligible households—which would make your internet service absolutely free. Our Starry Select plan comes with a free WiFi router, free expert installation, 100% unlimited data, and delivers download speeds up to 100 Mbps and upload speeds up to 50 Mbps.

  • What if the Starry Select plan does not show up for me when I subscribe?

    Click here and follow the 1-2-3 steps outlined on this page. When you reach out to our Support team to provide your Lifeline National Verifier ID number, let them know that you’d like our special Starry Select ACP plan (100 Mbps download/50 Mbps upload). Our friendly experts will take care of the rest!

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