September 1st. It’s a date that strikes exhaustion, frustration, and excitement into the souls of many Bostonians. It’s moving day.

As Boston residents shuffled all their worldly belongings around the city, Starry was on the street, spreading Happy Interneting. During the craziness, our team witnessed a thwarted bicycle thief, saw a fully-made bed carted down the street, and helped one man choose a new ringtone.

But more importantly, we were really there to bring better internet to each and every new resident settling into Starry-serviced apartment buildings. It was a busy weekend, so here are the stats:

  • 52 tables set-up
  • 92 Starry reps roaming the streets
  • 1,334 pairs of Starry sunglasses given out
  • 463 cups of coffee poured
  • 231 munchkins eaten
  • 2,145 water bottles distributed
  • 23 painful parallel parking attempts watched
  • 21,674 average steps walked
  • 5 billion puppy kisses
  • 67 handshakes with competitors
  • 96% satisfaction rate of resolved customer support tickets

All of this added up to hundreds of happy movers and new Starry subscribers.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Our Boston team spent months coordinating installers and extra help, and they recruited some help from other Starry offices. If you talked to a Starry employee this weekend, they could have flown in from Denver, DC, Los Angeles or New York. Each sector of the company was chugging away to seamlessly register subscribers, organize installations and successfully install Starry Internet. But don't just take our word for it...

There were technical issues but the Starry team worked together and handled everything well! Really friendly and speed was 300mb+ after install - amazing! Text updates were great. Could have benefitted from knowing about the Starry app before install.
- Duncan from Boston
Pro Tip: if you see a Starry installer, ask for their personal promo code to get an extra month free when you sign up for Starry.

This is our third successful September 1st in Boston. We’re already looking forward to next year. If you were too busy lugging a mattress up the steps of your new walk-up and couldn’t register for Starry with us, there’s still time! Head to and use the promo code EXTRA to get 3 months of free internet through the end of September.


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