Hallmark Condominium in Cambridge, MA is a 49-year-old mid-rise building with 37 owner-occupied and rental apartments. Their residents are a diverse group of students, young professionals and retirees, a common melting pot in Cambridge. Like other apartment communities in the area, attracting and retaining residents poses a complex challenge.

The Hallmark Board of Trustees decided to focus on modernizing the building to prevent resident turn-over. Access to high-speed internet has become as necessary as electricity and the impact is equivalent to adding a fireplace or half-bath, about a $5,000 increase in property value. In the spring of 2017, Hallmark became an early Starry partner as a way to offer residents a new, affordable internet option and improve the building itself.

Because the Hallmark building is almost fifty years old, the telephone wiring system is confusing and dusty at best. Our engineers were able to use the existing quinquagenarian copper wires to line cable through a chute from the rooftop all the way to the basement.  Though not as simple as flipping a switch, Hallmark was quickly equipped with speedy and consistent internet of the future supported by the infrastructure of the past.

Unlike a new building development, almost every resident at Hallmark was an existing subscriber of big cable providers. Starry offers a new and different kind of internet option - we know that change can be hard. To answer any questions or elaborate on the benefits of Starry, our Boston team became familiar faces at Hallmark.

"Starry is the future of internet. Stylish, affordable, customer-centric, and consistent."

William, a renter, reports very few outages over his time with Starry and consistent speed. He is a single, young professional who occasionally games.

"They’ve spoiled me with their great service. If I ever moved, I would be looking to see if the next building has the service."

The first big nudge toward Starry came from the Chairman of the Board (a true Starry advocate!). Our team placed a brochure display in the lobby to spread the word and answer simple FAQs about the new internet service provider in town. Starry hosted social events, complete with pizza and locally brewed beer. To put a bow on top, we treated residents to free service for the first two months.

These promotions accelerated subscriptions to 49% in just over a year, with nothing but five-star reviews highlighting price, speed and installation. Our team regularly runs speed tests to make sure our subscribers are getting exactly what we promise; consistently fast internet. Measured over the past 17 months, Hallmark’s average speeds are 244mbps / 249mbps.

For property managers, Starry Internet has helped the building itself level-up and pursue projects that require high-speed internet service. The building signed on with Starry to do just that. They were able to install security cameras, sump pump outlets, and leak and freeze detectors and, using reliable internet, monitor them remotely at all times.

"Offering Starry as an internet service provider appeals to both existing and potential tenants."

"Both up and downstream speeds are remarkably consistent,” Hallmark commented. “The affordability and the simple bundle-free service fits perfectly with the lifestyle and demands of younger tenants.”

Hallmark cut the cord by ditching two expensive landlines, moving the entrance intercom to VoIP, and placing the fire alarm radio on IP and GSM. The building is expanding the reach of security cameras to upper floors and working to manage the access control panel remotely. They have also approached locker companies to install parcel lockers in the lobby. None of these projects would be possible without the strong and simple internet connection offered by Starry.

“Starry is absolutely fantastic. It is definitely the second-best thing about this building (behind the incredible head of condo board)," said Avi, an owner at Hallmark. She is a young professional with a family of four who subscribes to streaming services.

"Their customer service is impeccable, and the actual service is awesome. Would recommend it to anyone!”

The most frequent positive comment from Hallmark residents about Starry references superb customer service. Our customer-centric approach is what really won Hallmark residents over.


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