When you really want something, stay persistent.

Jon was super impressed when he first met the Starry team at a real estate conference in 2018. He thought the technology was innovative and was something that he wanted to provide to his residents. But at the time, Starry was still expanding its coverage to the Westside, where Jon’s apartment buildings were. He stayed persistent, keeping in-touch with the Starry team, while informing his boss and co-workers on Starry’s benefits. One year later, Jon’s wish came true when his buildings finally got service.

Jon, a property manager in Los Angeles, was excited to bring Starry to his residents.

Originally from Lake Tahoe, he moved to LA in 2007 after college and fell in love with the city’s diversity, progressiveness and opportunities to connect with creatives. Jon is a creator himself, dabbling in a variety of mediums. He’s also a big fan of comedy. Outside of his property manager duties, he also runs a nonprofit called The Improv & Art Space. The organization puts on improv shows and is looking to offer classes in the arts, including acting and public speaking. He’s excited to open its new location in Palms next month.

Jon has been a PM since 2016, and he enjoys creating a strong community for his residents. He says being visible and approachable to tenants is key. His love for “how to” videos on YouTube has inspired some DIY projects for his buildings, including a picnic table he’s planning to build with some of his residents. He hopes it’ll be done in time for the next Starry community event.


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