Our subscribers are pretty awesome. Recently we had the opportunity to talk to Polite, a Starry Internet super-user who lives and thrives in Cambridge, Mass.

Polite chose Starry because he needed higher upload speeds and more reliability to do his job (operations architecture at IBM) while working from home. When we began serving his building with 200mbps upload and download speeds, Polite went to a Starry-sponsored event and signed up then and there.

While we all feel like we need the internet, Polite thinks an internet-less world would be “apocalyptic.” His home WiFi is put to work streaming martial arts films, anime, action, sci-fi, and any genre of music on his Roku TV, Pixelbook, and Chromecast.

But he doesn’t just stream martial arts films, he has 15 years of experience in karate, tae kwon do, yongmudo, and muay thai. This is a man you’d want defending you...especially because he is constantly watching YouTube videos to brush up on his techniques. He’s also a PlayStation gamer, currently into Borderlands, Kingdom Hearts 3, and some other fighting games.

Attractive speeds and reliability aside, Polite felt like he needed to get away from his last cable provider.

“Agent Smith is Comcast in a nutshell. They are everywhere and completely limit your freedom of choice.”

…(does that make us Neo?!)

Polite subscribed over a year ago and says customer service is his favorite part about Starry Internet. When confronted with any issue, he received an immediate response within 30 seconds of raising a flag to Starry. He also cited the Starry app as a great way to reach out and get troubleshooting assistance.

If you’re in his neighborhood, not only does Polite recommend signing up for Starry Internet (he’s referred 12 subscribers), he also kindly suggests stopping by Santouka in Harvard Square for the best ramen in town.


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