We are thrilled to welcome Huckleberry House to the Starry Connect program as our first partner in Columbus, OH!

Huckleberry House provides safe, stable housing for at-risk youth dealing with serious issues such as abuse, violence, addiction, and homelessness and they have committed to providing Starry Connect service to all residents living within their community. ​

Digital equity and inclusion requires more than broadband access in the home. It also means having access to computers and devices and the digital skills necessary to make the most of these tools. So, we donated six computers, desks and chairs and are providing free WiFi to outfit an on-site computer lab at Huckleberry House's Kenmore Square apartment complex for those residents who may not have a device in their home. It's our hope the computer lab will have a meaningful impact on the residents' lives by opening new opportunities for learning, employment and more.

"When we first met with the Starry team, we could tell they understood the value of access that reliable internet brings to the youth we serve," said Sonya Thesing, Huckleberry House's Executive Director. "The playing field is not level for youth who can't access education and employment online. Starry Connect and the computer lab donation open a world of access for the residents at Kenmore Square."

Starry and Huckleberry House celebrated the donation of the computer lab with a “bill” cutting ceremony and reception with residents and community leaders including Columbus City Council Member Shayla Favors, Columbus City Council Member Robert Dorans, Ohio State Rep. Dontavius Jarrells (District 25), and U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown's District Manager Joe Gilligan.

More information on the partnership can be found here.


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