It’s the golden age of TV. And movies. And everything else. And it’s all available, all the time, online. We get that it can be tricky to figure out how to get everything you have on cable on your streaming services, so we’ve prepared a guide about what you need to know if you’re switching from cable to an internet-only plan.

We’re happy to announce that our guide is up on our blog with much more to come!

But let’s backtrack. You probably know that you’re not alone in cutting the cable cord. By the end of the year, 40.2 million households will have ditched paid TV subscriptions. In the days of yore, cable used to be the only way you could watch, well, anything interesting. Now, cable subscribers don’t even watch the most channels in their package, with an average of 187 channels left unwatched.

Already, more people subscribe to streaming services than pay for cable TV. You might be paying for Netflix or Hulu on top of your expensive cable subscription (yikes), but that means you know that it really *is* the golden age. Popular platforms are doubling-down on original content, with Netflix alone projected to spend $15 billion on original shows and movies in 2019. If you tune into awards shows, you know the “my content is better than your content” competition is getting fierce. NBC Universal and Disney are scheduled to enter the space this year, guns blazing with classics like The Office and shiny new content like Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. YouTube and Hulu are vying for control in the live broadcast market, offering channels from sports to news.

Speaking of live broadcasts, let’s set the record straight: you definitely don’t need cable to stay on top of the news or watch your favorite sports teams. We’re already getting the news (about sports or otherwise) all the time, any time, online. You could even become a newscaster or sports commentator from the comfort of your living room, when all you need is a camera and a solid internet connection to be a YouTube star. Life moves pretty fast, and if you’re still watching cable, you could miss it.

Our team at Starry builds innovative technology to help people access faster, better internet without the unnecessary bundles of the cable world. We know that you can watch anything and everything your heart desires online, but you may need some help finding how where it lives or how to access it (smart TVs, casting sticks, niche streaming platforms, oh my!). If you’re new to the world of cord cutting, check it out and let us know what else you’d like to know. If you’re a cord cutting vet (or a cord never, you unicorn, you), dive in to discover more of the best streaming devices and content.


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