Today we are proud to announce we’ve partnered with the Denver Housing Authority to bring high-quality, low-cost internet service to more than 26,000 residents in Denver, CO!

Nearly half of lower-income Americans do not have a broadband connection at home and the Colorado Broadband Office estimates that 150,000 households in the state don’t have access to basic broadband internet. We wanted to change that, so we are working with the Denver Housing Authority to deploy Starry Connect—our simple, $15/month internet plan—across their portfolio of communities. DHA residents will get 30mbps upload/download speeds, free installation, 24/7 customer service, and all equipment included. We don’t believe in data caps or long-term contracts, so we won’t be charging data overage or cancelation fees.

Starting in September (it’s already happening!), over 600 households at VIDA in West Denver, and Connole Apartments and Thomas Bean Towers in East Denver have the option to subscribe to Starry’s simple, $15/month plan. Starry will also provide DHA free internet access in the common areas, computer labs, and administrative offices within these buildings.

“Having a reliable high-speed internet connection in the home is essential to everything we do, but for many people, paying for quality broadband access is a financial strain or beyond their reach,” said Starry CEO and co-founder Chet Kanojia.

Ismael Guerrero, DHA Executive Director, commented,

“Starry has proven to be a great partner in bridging the digital divide with affordable connectivity.”

At Starry, we believe internet access is a necessity for everyone to be able to access, regardless of location or financial means. Starry Connect will be expanded throughout all DHA communities as Starry continues to expand its network footprint across metro Denver.

ICYMI, we officially launched our service in Denver in April 2019. Starry is currently available in select areas in Denver. To see if your building is in coverage or to sign up, visit:


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