In 2019, we expanded our innovative broadband access technology to Denver so that Denverites could get affordable, high-speed broadband access in the home. That same year we partnered with the Denver Housing Authority to bring our digital equity program, Starry Connect, to 600 households in their portfolio as an ultra-low-cost broadband option for residents of public and affordable housing. Now, we are strengthening our partnership with DHA to bring the Connect program to all 4,750 households in DHA’s portfolio.

But we’re not stopping there. We know that in order to fully participate in digital access you need a device that can get you where you want to go online.

That’s why earlier this year, we donated 25 computers to DHA residents so they can take full advantage of all the internet has to offer. Sixteen computers were given to students who completed an online website development class hosted by DHA and Denver Public Library. The remaining computers are being used by DHA resident council leaders to help them connect other residents to educational, economic and personal resources.

A DHA resident receives a donated computer.

"DHA has provided affordable high-speed internet access to families in public housing since 2015," stated David Nisivoccia, DHA's Executive Director. "Over the past year, Starry has proven to be a critical partner for increasing digital equity for DHA’s residents. In addition to providing them with affordable connectivity, their donated computers to our senior residents and families represents a true example of public-private partnership for digital inclusion."      

"Connectivity is critical for education, communication, and personal and professional development," said Virginia Lam Abrams, Starry’s Senior Vice President of Government Affairs and Strategic Advancement. "But having access to broadband is only one component in promoting digital equity and inclusion; it is equally important that devices are readily available so that families and individuals can fully realize the benefits of digital connectivity. We are grateful to partner with the Denver Housing Authority to help ensure that their residents have the necessary tools to continue to thrive and grow."

To learn more about our partnership with the Denver Housing Authority, read the full press release.

DHA residents receive computer donations.


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