In a city full of talented creatives, it's no surprise that many Starry Internet customers in LA are entrepreneurs and content creators. For Gary Lavard (@garylavard), having Starry's reliable, high-speed internet is a way of life.

After starting his mornings by responding to emails and finding inspiration in motivational videos, Gary gets to work as Founder of Glo Media Network. His company specializes in video content production, so being able to quickly upload and share content can be the thin line between a job well done or an unhappy client.

In the past, Gary faced a number of frustrating moments when outages or slow service with his previous internet provider prevented him from effectively running his business. When he learned about Starry from a launch party at his Ktown apartment building, Gary was immediately drawn to Starry's high-speeds. He immediately signed up and has been a big supporter of Team Starry ever since.

As a true entrepreneur and creator, Gary and his busy schedule extends beyond Glo Media Network. He produces a YouTube web series “Nuthin’ But A ‘G’ Thang”, has had acting roles in several TV series, and is working on an upcoming album under his rap moniker CA$H•ADA (@cashadamusic). Gary doesn't wait for opportunities, he creates them.


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