This year, Giving Tuesday takes on even greater importance, given the enormous challenges facing all of our communities in the wake of COVID-19.

For us, the spirit of Giving Tuesday is built into our every day.

When you choose Starry as your internet service provider, you’re opting into a best-in-class home internet experience. But what you may not know is that you’re also choosing to invest in expanding ultra-low-cost broadband access to public and affordable housing communities across the country.

For every 10 new signups, Starry is able to reinvest in and expand its Starry Connect program, providing ultra-low-cost and free internet access options to families living in public and affordable housing, communities traditionally underserved and disproportionately impacted by the high costs of broadband access.

Since launching in 2018, your subscriptions have helped fund the expansion of Starry Connect to more than 26,000 units of public and affordable housing. Your Starry subscription plays an important role in helping us close the digital gap in communities that have been long overlooked and under-connected by incumbent providers.

By choosing Starry, you’re helping keep families online and kids on track with distance learning and that will have a lasting impact long after Giving Tuesday.

To learn more about Starry Connect and how you’re helping us close the digital gap, visit:


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