At Starry, we obsess over customer experience. With Starry Station, we’ve designed a router that is simple, intuitive, and eliminates many of the barriers to understanding the way your Wi-Fi works.

But we didn’t just want a product that makes your life easier. The features we’ve built into Starry Station are also designed to make your experience with Customer Care quick, easy, and painless.

Never wait on hold again.

Having issues and not sure what to do? Request a support call directly from your Starry Station or the Starry App. A Starry Expert will call you soon to get your problem resolved.

Reach us when you need us.

Nine to Five was a great Dolly Parton movie but it’s not a realistic schedule for getting help when you need it. Our team is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

We’re listening.

Let us know what’s on your mind. Your feedback is important to us, and it helps drive new features and product enhancements.

Our team cares about your experience. Whether you could use an extra hand getting your Starry Station set up or have more advanced questions about your network, we’re here to help.


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