Starry set out to redefine the internet experience with better, faster, cheaper internet. That’s why we designed our innovative technology to bring consumers near symmetrical speeds at an affordable price so they can download, upload, surf, stream, game, and more whenever they want.

We also know that one size doesn't always fit all and consumers crave the ability to pick an internet plan that best fits their needs and budget. So, we are launching Upload Boost, a new add-on feature that allows customers to increase their dedicated upload capacity to symmetrical speeds for $5-10 (depending on speed tier).

Upload bandwidth has become even more critical now that remote work has become the norm in today’s world. High upstream bandwidth use applications like video-conferencing apps require an increased upload capacity and we want to provide our customers with the option to dynamically increase upload capacity.

“We’ve always been laser-focused on delivering a unique customer experience that delights. Part of how we achieve that is by always innovating on the customer experience and that includes developing new products that enable customers to personalize their experience,” said Alex Moulle-Berteaux, Starry’s Chief Operating Officer.

Upload Boost is available for a limited time in certain markets. Starry customers on the Starry Plus (up to 200Mbps download / 100Mbps upload) service plan can pay $5 per month to increase their upload capacity to up to 200Mbps. New customers can opt for Upload Boost at sign up. Customers who opt to add the Upload Boost feature to their monthly service can also remove the add-on from their plan at any time.

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