Last month, Starry was one of the first internet service providers to join the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) pledge to “Keep Americans Connected” when the nation’s response to COVID-19 increased our communities' reliance on broadband access to stay connected and productive. The pledge called for the suspension of certain punitive customer practices, such as data caps, and waiving added-on fees. Joining the pledge was an easy call for us as Starry’s internet service has never had additional fees, late fees or data caps as a standard business practice.

While our communities continue to navigate the response to the COVID-19 challenge, we are more committed than ever to delivering the essential broadband services that you rely on to keep connected to your families, friends, work and communities. That’s why we are pleased to announce we are extending our commitment to the FCC’s pledge through the end of June. As part of that pledge, we will continue to voluntarily suspend the cancellation of service due to nonpayment as it relates to COVID-19.  

We’ll also be providing our Starry Connect service - our specialized low-cost plan for residents living in public and affordable housing - free to all current and new Starry Connect customers until the end of June to help ensure our most vulnerable communities are connected. Related Companies, our largest affordable housing partner, has joined us in extending its commitment to covering the cost of Starry Connect for its residents who currently subscribe to the program.

“As our nation and communities continue to navigate the response to COVID-19, we remain committed to ensuring that our communities stay connected and online,” said Virginia Lam Abrams, Starry’s Senior Vice President of Government Affairs and Strategic Advancement. “Broadband access is vital in these times and represents a lifeline with social distancing still in effect across the country, but the reality is that millions of American are without a reliable broadband connection in the home. We are pleased to continue our pledge to take advantage of all the ways we can keep our communities moving forward in this unprecedented time.”

Starry is available in New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, Washington, DC and Denver. Our Starry Connect program counts the Denver Housing Authority, the Boston Housing Authority, HCCI, Innovating Housing Concepts (Englewood, CO Housing Authority), Related Affordable and Beacon Communities as some of our public and affordable housing partners. Check to see if your building is in coverage or to sign up at

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay connected.


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