Turn the Internet from a Utility to an Amenity

To many building managers and owners, the internet is just another utility, often getting grouped in with the gas, electric and water services of the world. But to a lot of the people renting units in these properties, internet service is on another level. It’s how we watch movies, listen to music, work from home, play games, catch up with friends and family, buy new clothes, sell old clothes, return those clothes that you immediately regretted buying, etc etc. Gas, electricity and water are all extremely important, but the internet is not only just as essential to our day-to-day lives—to many, it’s what day-to-day life is centered around. As a result, internet service is uniquely positioned to provide a true point of differentiation for residential properties.

How satisfied are you with your current internet service provider?

In April 2018, we conducted a survey about the role of internet service in the lives of renters. More than half of those surveyed said they’d be more likely to renew their lease if they were satisfied with their internet service. Just under half of them reported being either neutral or dissatisfied. The risk of losing these unenthused folks to buildings that have better internet offerings is quite real—that can mean more empty units and less money coming in for building managers and owners.

Does cost of available internet service options factor into your monthly rental budget?

Nearly 60% of renters factor in cost of internet service into their monthly rental budgets. Too often, internet service providers force their expensive bundled packages on consumers who just want internet service, leaving them with channels they don’t watch, landlines they don’t use and, well, budgets they don’t even want to think about. But at just $50 a month, our single-plan super fast internet is designed to leave tenants’ faces smiling (and pockets fuller). And happy tenants are tenants who come in to re-sign their leases, pen-in-hand.

Price and speed are critical when it comes to internet service satisfaction.

Unsurprisingly, price and speed are the top two things renters would most like to improve about their internet service. That’s why when a high-quality, inexpensive internet option like Starry comes to a building, it’s no longer just a utility, but a new luxury amenity—especially with things such as our half-hour appointment windows, 24/7 tech concierge support from real humans and many more features designed to make our customers feel pampered and attended to.

Setting up Starry in your building is an easy, surefire way to elevate the internet from an experience renters just tolerate, to one that’ll keep tenants happy and your units occupied. And to make it an even easier decision for building owners, getting Starry installed costs absolutely nothing. Quite simply, there isn’t a quicker, better or more inexpensive way to upgrade your building and increase tenants’ happiness.

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