When looking at a new apartment, people often peek into the shower to check the water pressure or ask about heat and air conditioning. Now, they’re also asking questions about internet connectivity.

Day-to-day life is centered around reliable internet service, from keeping up with the news to keeping in touch with friends and family. According to a 2018 Small Business Trend Report, about a quarter of American workers work remotely all or some of the time--a number that will only increase over time. So when it comes to renting properties, reliable internet access is uniquely positioned to provide a point of differentiation for leasing agents.

Keep reading to learn more about how Starry service has helped some of our building partners.

High-Speed Internet as a Value Add

Jules Guerra from Argyle House in Los Angeles said, “Starry is a huge value add for our future residents, many of whom are influencers, content creators, and work-from-home professionals that need reliable internet service with high upload speeds.”

Within a year, 88% of Argyle House residents subscribed to Starry and future residents are treated to move-in ready internet, resident appreciation events, and same-day installation. For internet power-users, like work-from-home professionals, having no data caps with Starry is also a nice treat.

Jules also said, “The Starry team has also been quick to respond to residents’ service requests and can be counted on to provide a high level of customer support. This is especially helpful in a building like ours, where our residents demand a high level of service and support.”

Nothing but Positive Praise

Joe Fisher from Vivo in Cambridge, MA, says, “I want to thank Starry for working beside us in the Cambridge market. I have nothing but positive praise. Since the beginning of our  relationship and the pilot of Starry in its first Aimco building, Vivo, from the installation of the infrastructure to the marketing to the residents, resident events and customer service, we have built a relationship of trust and good faith.”

Within a year, almost 60% of residents at Vivo have subscribed to Starry. Residents also enjoy a month of free internet, resident appreciation events, and a holiday party sponsored by Starry. Most importantly, Joe recognized that Starry has been a great assist in the closing of apartments as well.

“Once prospects hear that we offer Starry and an alternative to local cable companies they are ecstatic.”


Creating Happy Condo Owners

Allie Huyghe, an owner and board member at The Meredith, a 49-unit, 67-year-old condo building in DC, was excited at the prospect of having a new, affordable internet option in her building. Frustrated with the providers available in her recently purchased condo, she presented Starry as an option to her neighbors at the next board meeting.

Residents were thrilled by the prospect of having fast, affordable internet that could be installed quickly and wirelessly - especially the work-from-home professionals dependent on a reliable internet connections. With the board’s enthusiastic approval, Starry Internet went live in April 2019.

To date, 39% of The Meredith’s residents have subscribed to Starry Internet. Allie considers adding Starry as an amenity to the building a huge asset. The Starry team works to make the addition of a new ISP as easy as possible, by covering all costs of installation and maintenance, providing management with information and Starry-branded swag, and offering same-day installation.

Residents at The Meredith are excited to get increased average speeds of 359Mbps download and 269Mbps upload and decreased monthly bills, giving Starry an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

Starry Internet as a Leasing Tool

Numerous residents reached out to Greystar's Regional Property Manager, Melissa Morvay, about adding Starry Internet as an amenity to Mass Court, a 200,000 square foot apartment building in Washington, DC's East End. After understanding the ease of installation — and that it comes at no cost to the building — Mass Court signed on to add Starry to the building.

Starry worked closely with Mass Court's management team to answer any questions, plan an appropriate time for installation and ensured property management was completely satisfied with the end result.

Since becoming available in May 2019, over 100 residents have subscribed to Starry Internet. Starry continues to help Greystar's leasing team, including bringing an iPad to streamline signups and hosting resident happy hours. Though Starry guarantees 200Mbps, residents at Mass Court see average speeds of 340Mbps download and 346Mbps upload and have rated Starry 5 out of 5 stars.

Amenity Upgrade in a Modern Building

When a prospective building considering Starry asks for a reference, we like to pass on Dror “DJ” Karni’s contact information. DJ was VP of his 208-unit condo building in DC for 3 years and Starry was the only time they gave owners a new amenity at zero cost to the building.

When asked about the implementation process, DJ recalls “Starry was very detailed and kept us informed every step of the way.”

Though DJ is no longer on the condo board, he continues to live in the building and subscribe to Starry internet. Residents in his building average speeds of 366Mbps download and 287Mbps upload and rated Starry 5 out of 5 stars.

“The service is flawless. The speed has been faster than promised, actually. And my friends in the building have been just as happy. I think people get nervous about Starry because it sounds too good to be true. But this is a rare case where it’s all good and it’s true.”

Starry Internet uses next-generation technology to beam internet across cities. Residents love the affordable pricing, month-to-month commitment and customer-first service. Installing Starry in your building takes days, not months, at no cost to the property. Learn more about our concierge customer support, non-invasive installation and how you can easily add Starry as an amenity to your building here.



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