We constantly receive emails, messages, comments, and phone calls asking if Starry will be expanding our coverage. We hear you. And we are stoked to officially announce that Starry Internet will be able to service even more cities.

Through an FCC spectrum auction, Starry won 104 licenses for 24 GHz millimeter-wave spectrum to cover 51 markets in 25 states. These licenses will allow us to cover an additional 60 million people and 25 million households. Combined with our current coverage and expansion roadmap, we can cover over 40 million households -- that’s more than a quarter of all U.S. households.

For the past few months, the FCC has been receiving bids on 24 GHz millimeter-wave spectrum through Auction 102. A total of 38 companies qualified to bid, including AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, U.S. Cellular, Dish Network, and us- Starry. At the conclusion of the auction, more than $2 billion was bid, with 29 bidders winning 2,904 licenses. We’re happy to say that we won the third largest population footprint in the auction!

Our shared licensed spectrum in 37 GHz will now be augmented with this exclusively licensed spectrum. It is a powerful combination that will be put to work to expand access and beam our affordable, speedy internet across the U.S.

“This gives us the ability to provide access to unlimited, affordable, high quality internet to more than 60 million Americans. We built our technology to be agile and operate across a range of frequencies, so that we could take advantage of opportunities like this to expand and grow our network,” said Starry CEO and co-Founder Chet Kanojia.

“Our success over the last two years, deploying and operating our network across five major markets, sets the stage for this incredibly exciting next phase for Starry - here in the United States and around the world.”

Our technology efficiently delivers gigabit-capable coverage to the communities we serve. You can already subscribe to our super-fast, super-simple internet in Boston, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, New York City, and Denver. We are currently building out our service in Chicago, San Francisco, Houston, Dallas, Seattle, Detroit, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Miami, Memphis, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Manchester, NH, Portland, OR, and Sioux Falls, SD. With the addition of this licensed spectrum, we will be able to service dozens more markets in the US.

Our technological advantage allows us to bring our service to less densely-populated markets over time. Below are the 51 areas where Starry acquired 24 GHz licenses. If you’re a resident of any of these cities, keep an eye out for us!

Alabama: Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile

Arkansas: Little Rock

Arizona: Tucson

Colorado: Colorado Springs, Fort Collins

Florida: Jacksonville, Tallahassee

Idaho: Boise City

Illinois: Decatur

Indiana: Indianapolis, South Bend, Fort Wayne, Bloomington

Kansas: Wichita

Kentucky: Louisville

Louisiana: Baton Rouge, New Orleans

Massachusetts: Springfield

Mississippi: Jackson

North Carolina: Fayetteville, Greensboro, Charlotte, Raleigh

Nevada: Las Vegas, Reno

New Mexico: Albuquerque

New York: Buffalo, Albany, Syracuse, Rochester

Ohio: Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo, Dayton, Columbus

Pennsylvania: Harrisburg

South Carolina: Charleston

Tennessee: Nashville, Chattanooga, Memphis

Texas: San Antonio, Brownsville, Lubbock, El Paso

Virginia: Richmond, Virginia Beach

Washington: Spokane

Wisconsin: Milwaukee, Madison


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