One of the biggest drivers of modern technology is something we can’t touch or see. Spectrum (aka airwaves) is arguably one of our most important natural resources and how our spectrum is utilized and shared is critical to driving innovation and growing our economy. The spectrum policy we set in the United States will help define the future of connectivity and the diverse technologies that get developed as a result.

Last week, the Federal Communications Commission voted to move forward a plan that would make more licensed and unlicensed spectrum available for use in high frequency bands. Making this spectrum available will unleash wireless technology innovations for both fixed and mobile applications. And, it will ensure that a competitive marketplace emerges for new 5G millimeter wave technologies. We applaud the Commission’s leadership on setting a spectrum policy that positions the United States as a leader in this area, while also maximizing the benefits that flow to the consumer by enabling new entrants and new technologies to thrive.

Consumers benefit from innovation and innovation benefits from competition. We think the FCC is on the right track when it comes to both.

And if you want to geek-out a little bit more, here’s our CEO Chet Kanojia with his perspectives on spectrum.


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