Redundancy. Redundancy is a term that is commonly heard when discussing data networks. At its core, redundancy is backup service. It’s a critical aspect of any data path, because it provides protection against service disruptions. And service disruptions translate to revenue loss, so businesses try to avoid them like the plague.

Starry is, quite simply, a superior option for backup internet. Why?

Starry’s approach is unique. Starry’s high-speed, last mile wireless network is immune to the connectivity threats that wired networks face. Starry’s connection comes from our antennas on rooftops, not from underground. That means that Starry’s redundancy service is protected against common pitfalls, such as:

  • Fiber cuts
  • Manhole fires
  • Construction damage

Starry has more than 250 rooftop hub sites, all with primary and secondary paths. And Starry uses multiple backup power sources to minimize disruptions from power outages. Add to that Starry’s 24-hour real-time monitoring technology, and consistent high speeds, and you get total peace-of-mind for your business.

Starry outshines the competition. Fiber providers offer redundancy, but their backup networks often enter buildings via the same path as the primary connection, exposing them to the same risks. FWA/LTE providers offer redundancy, but can’t deliver consistent speeds as fast as your primary connection, like Starry can.

Stop network outages before they happen. Contact us today at or call 508.203.1782 to learn more about partnering with Starry for your backup network.


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