The other guys treat the internet like a utility. We're not like the other guys.

We transformed something forgettable into something people could feel good about, with genuine support, simple plans, and affordable pricing — not to mention industry-defining wireless technology.

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The easiest way to upgrade your building.

Starry Internet sets your building apart from the competition, and it’s the fastest and cheapest way to upgrade your property. In fact, it costs you nothing.

Effortless installation

Our technology is non-invasive, and in most cases we’ll have the entire setup complete in just a few hours — all at no cost to you.

Premium appeal

High-speed internet is non-negotiable to today’s residents, and Starry offers a rare choice. It’s a powerful leasing tool to put your building on the cutting edge.

Dedicated service

We’re responsive around the clock, available to help your residents with anything. We’ll take technical questions off your plate so you can focus on your priorities.

Introducing the surprisingly powerful triangle that will make your residents happier.

Starry Station, our state-of-the-art home WiFi hub, is included with every Starry Internet subscription. Its touchscreen interface gives your residents internet superpowers by making it simple to check speeds, set parental controls and much more.

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Wireless internet beamed directly to your roof.

Starry is a different kind of internet service. We use next-generation technology to beam the internet over the air, and we built everything in-house, so we can deliver excellence at every step.

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Lightweight rooftop receiver

Starry Point sits on your roof and picks up the wireless internet signal from our antennas across the city.

Non-invasive installation

Starry Experts set up service in your building using the existing wiring. It’s totally non-invasive (and they’ll be very delicate with your telco closets).

In-home service

Our custom-built Starry Station home WiFi hub isn’t just a router — it’s like the concierge button for all things internet. If a resident has a question, they can contact a Starry Expert with just one tap, which lets you focus on everything else.


Thanks for helping us get Starry Internet off the ground. We can’t wait to bring brilliant internet to everyone.

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