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60% of prospective tenants demand options in high-speed internet when renting

“The Tangible Values of Advanced Broadband to MDUs,” RVA LLC, 6/10/2016

Your tenants want Starry

It’s lightning-fast, serviced by caring humans, has no complicated plans or bundles and doesn't come with the headaches those other providers bring.

Don’t believe us? Believe the facts.


residents unhappy with their current provider1


average conversion rate when installed in a building


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The Plan

Starry Internet is more than just better internet

It’s a high-end amenity your residents will love.

Speeds up to
200 Mbps

No long-term contracts

Exceptional support 24/7

Home WiFi hub included

All for just $50/month

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Your bottom line wants Starry

Not only do we upgrade your property at no cost or inconvenience to you, we’ll future-proof your property for years to come. Better internet options ultimately help drive up occupancy and value perception.


increase in annual net income2


greater rental value perception2


cost to you

Get Starry Internet

Starry consumer survey   RVA LLC

Installation is effortless and costs you nothing

Unlike other internet service providers, we don’t dig up your streets and install wires in order to bring you internet. That saves everyone time and, most importantly, money.

  • Install Starry Point on your roof

  • Connect to the existing wiring in your building

  • Enjoy the internetz

Learn more about our technology

See how Starry has helped other properties

You’re a busy person, so we’ll focus on the bottom line.

Immediate impact

After starting to promote access to Starry in their own marketing materials, they raised perceived value of their units by 8%.

A popular new amenity

After giving their tenants access to Starry, 51% of residents subscribed to Starry.

Where we are

  • Boston

  • Denver

  • Los Angeles

  • New York City

  • Washington, DC


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