At Starry, our first priority is, and always has been, people. Since the beginning of COVID-19, we’ve been finding ways to give back and support our communities. We’ve expanded availability of our Starry Connect affordable broadband program, committed to providing free service to all Starry Connect subscribers through June and suspended cancellation for non-payment due to the pandemic.

Now, we’re expanding free access to the best-in-class technical support of our Starry Experts. Not just to Starry subscribers, but to anyone in our five markets who needs it.  

Starry Experts are highly trained customer service professionals who have always been available to our subscribers to answer questions 24/7 about literally any internet connected device or service. Whether it’s issues with videocalling or streaming TV subscriptions, dealing with a corporate VPN or navigating parental controls on an iPad, our brilliant Starry Experts help our subscribers solve a broad range of technical issues, and now we are making them available to you, free of charge.

The shift to working and learning remotely has been incredibly challenging, and we know good, honest, timely answers can be hard to come by, especially when your internet provider’s idea of help starts with a 45 minute hold time.

While we can’t solve all of the world’s most pressing problems, our Starry Experts are here to help solve your internet-related ones, and hopefully, make your day a little less stressful.

To get instant live support from a Starry Expert, you can call 866-497-4916 any time, day or night. Or you can set up an advance appointment with an Expert by clicking the button below.


At Starry, we’ve got your back (at least when it comes to the internet).

Stay safe, and stay healthy.


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