Imagine sitting on your couch binge-watching The Avengers movies on your 4K TV, while simultaneously shopping for a burrito blanket on your laptop, and sending GIFs via Whatsapp to friends on your phone. Meanwhile, one of your roommates is streaming N’Sync's greatest hits on Spotify and making a donation on a GoFundMe, while the other is Skyping with family in Italy. Through this flurry of online activity, your internet connection never lags, stutters, or buffers. All your websites load quickly and the experience is seamless. Importantly, your bill at the end of the month isn’t bloated with data overage fees. This is the power of a strong, affordable, and open internet connection.


The internet is an incredible tool to create world-changing greatness. Your roommate donated to a GoFundMe to alleviate medical costs for a struggling friend. Your other roommate is able to actually see how much his little brother has grown and sing happy birthday to his grandmother. It is what empowered over 6.3 million students to take online college courses. And enabled people to donate $1.3 million  for the Tree of Life synagogue victims. And allowed 15% of US adults to attempt to find love (or relieve boredom) through swiping on dating apps.

At Starry, we believe that connectivity is a social good. That is what drives our unwavering support of access to an open and neutral internet.

It means we will never throttle content. We will not prioritize traffic. And we will not block websites, apps, or services (you can access anything as long as it’s legal).

Certain companies may sell or offer content that doesn’t count against your data caps (known as ‘zero-rating’) to drive you to their preferred content. For instance, if a cable company and streaming service team up, you could have unlimited, free access to that one service but have to pay for any other streaming if you exceed a monthly data cap. With Starry, there are no data caps or preferred content. You can choose your own streaming adventure, whether it’s a Netflix rom-com or a 7-part serial killer documentary, without fear of more fees.

We believe so strongly in supporting net neutrality, we put it front and center - instead of hiding it behind layers of marketing-speak on our website. But we get it, who actually reads the fine print?

ICYMI, here’s our clear, plain-English commitment to operating an open internet service:

  • We do not prioritize any content, application or service. You literally can’t pay us to do this.
  • We do not block access to any legal content, application or service.
  • We do not cap the amount of data our customers can use. Stream 4K all day if you want. Stream 4K on multiple devices, even. We’re fine with it.
  • We do not inspect and collect the contents of the packets that transit through our network. We need some basic info to make sure everything goes where it’s supposed to, but that’s it.
  • We do not throttle specific content, applications or services. We are all in this together.
  • We do not prohibit customers from attaching devices to their connection. We may require you to use our Starry Station WiFi router to provide you with optimal service, but we don’t charge extra for the Station, and it's pretty great, so we think it’s a net positive.

Not only should the internet be open and neutral, it should be accessible and affordable. Social good and connectivity is dependent on the participation of all communities. Which is why, along with our commitment to Net Neutrality, we are dedicated to delivering affordable internet to underserved urban communities through Starry Connect.

If you want to learn more about our commitment to delivering fiber-fast internet, check out our official statement on Net Neutrality.


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