We support
net neutrality.
No matter what.

Our mission here at Starry is actually quite simple: to provide you with a better internet experience. We are the bridge between our customers and the entirety of the internet; we are not the gatekeeper, toll operator or curator.

The internet is amazing, and we want you to use it, see it, hear it, play with it and experience it exactly how you want

Our dedication to a better internet experience is built into these Open Internet commitments and our Privacy Notices. Together with our Customer Agreement & Terms of Use, we provide clear commitments about what you can expect from us and from your service.

When you sign up with Starry, you get the full internet and nothing less

Wireless broadband is a shared resource, and we believe in the power of all customers understanding how it is used. We want to be transparent with you about what you can expect from us and the ways in which we manage the network. To do that, we provide you:

  1. Clear commitments about your ability to use your service how you see fit.
  2. A clear explanation of when and how we use network management tools.
  3. Transparency about the quality of our network and your service.
Open Internet

We deliver an open internet

These are our clear Open Internet commitments to our customers:

  • We do not prioritize any content, application or service.
  • We do not block access to any legal content, application or service.
  • We do not cap the amount of data you can use.
  • We do not inspect and collect the contents of data packets that transit through our network.
  • We do not throttle specific content, applications or services.
  • We do not prohibit you from attaching non-harmful devices to your connection.
Consistent Internet

We maintain a consistent network

As part of our commitment to a better internet experience for all our customers, we take minor — but important — steps to manage the traffic flowing across our network. Under normal usage across our network, we will not need to use our network management tools.

These steps ensure that all customers have a consistent level of service — broadband is a shared resource, and we are all in this together. Here are the principles on which we manage our network:

  • Our network management practices do not discriminate against any data, application or service.
  • Our network management practices are based on real-time network congestion measurements across sections of our network and are triggered only at times of congestion and only on the parts of the network impacted by the congestion.
  • Our network management practices are not triggered by the activity of individual subscribers or the total amount of data a subscriber may use in one billing period; we do not impose data caps.
  • Our network management practices involve the most minimal steps we can take over the shortest periods of time.
  • We may use network management tools when our network load at a discrete point within the network reaches or exceeds half of its capacity as measured in 60 second intervals.
  • If the amount of data on a part of our network triggers our network management protocol, we will use manual or automated processes to reduce speeds for all or some customers on that part of our network.
  • If you're connecting to WiFi hotspot service provided by Starry (for example, in the lobby of a building), we may limit access to certain websites or the throughput of the WiFi service to manage congestion on the network or to comply with legal requirements such as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998.
Fast Internet

We provide fast internet

With Starry, you can expect consistently high quality service. Our fixed wireless technology enables fast download and upload speeds with low latency and all the data you can consume.

This is what customers on our Starry Plus plan who ran a speed test experienced last quarter*, on average:

Avg. download

196 Mbps

Avg. upload

105 Mbps

Avg. latency

20.3 ms

In addition, Starry customers used an average of 519.96 GB worth of data last month, with the top 5% using an average of 1522.97 GB - gamers and streamers, rejoice!**

Updates, Contact and Redress

As we gain experience running our network, we may improve the tools we use to manage our network. We will post any changes to this webpage. If you have any questions or concerns about our open internet commitments or network management practices, please email us at neutralnet@starry.com.

If old-fashioned snail mail is still your thing, though, you can also write us at:

Starry, Inc.
Attn: Legal Department
38 Chauncy Street, 2nd Floor
Boston, MA 02111

* Average download and upload speeds based on information from speed tests run by Starry Plus customers during the last quarter. Total number of speed tests run by Starry Plus customers in a given quarter will vary. Actual customer speeds experienced are not guaranteed and will vary due to device limits, multiple users, network & other factors (like if your cat eats your cord).

** Average data usage based on information collected from Starry customers with a Starry Station router across all plan types.