Starry Gravity WiFi 6 Router

Get the best router.
For the best internet.

The best router didn’t exist—so we built it.
Meet Starry Gravity, the only WiFi 6 router of its kind.

  • Max performance
  • Built-in customer support
  • Ultimate peace of mind

Add Gravity to any Starry Internet plan for just $14/mo Offer valid for new customers only, while supplies last.

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Next-level WiFi.
With one next-level router.

Starry Gravity leverages the latest WiFi 6 technology to beam reliable internet to every corner of your home.

A satellite that looks like the ISS with a view of Starry Gravity and astronauts inside
  • Unreal speed

    4x faster

    Stream, game, and video chat in the fast lane with 4x faster speeds than WiFi 5.

  • Whole-Home Coverage

    3,500ft2 range

    Expand your internet bubble and maximize coverage in every inch of your home1.

  • Ultimate Reliability

    75+ devices

    Get all your people and all your devices online at the same time. Without. The. Lag.

A beauty and a beast

Staggering power in a sleek package. With a compact design and intuitive display, Starry Gravity looks right at home in any home.

Starry Gravity on a windowsill with lightning outside
Rendering of Starry Gravity and phone with speedtest results displayed Rendering of Starry Gravity and phone with QR code displayed Rendering of Starry Gravity and phone with support information displayed

Simple. Seamless.
And a little genius.

With an easy app and intuitive interface, all it takes is a glance to know everything is working.

Simple. Seamless.
And a little genius.

With an easy app and intuitive interface, all it takes is a glance to know everything is working.

Don’t worry.
Internet happy.

We built Starry Gravity exclusively for Starry’s network. It’s a full-service experience that starts with white-glove installation and never ends—we’re there for you 24/7 to bring you the internet you love.

Engineered to out-internet everything else

When it comes to the internet, we never settle. Thousands of hours in the making, Starry Gravity fuses powerful performance, Wifi 6 technology, and innovative design to deliver an internet experience you’re guaranteed to love.

An exploded view of Starry Gravity
  • Ambient Display

    Highly developed 4mm acrylic panel coating to minimize glare.

  • Max Antenna Array

    State-of-the-art 8x8 design for max performance and coverage.

  • Superfast WiFi 6 Chip

    Next-gen MU-MIMO technology supports more users, more devices, and higher speeds.

  • Built-in Tools

    Intuitive features like QR scan, speed check, and one touch support

  • Superfast WiFi 6 Chip

    Next-gen MU-MIMO technology supports more users, more devices, and higher speeds.

  • Gorgeous Design

    No visible vents. No ugly antennas. Small footprint.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is WiFi 6 really that much better?

    It is that much better. And then some. WiFi 6 technology is lightyears ahead of WiFi 5—and not just in speed, but coverage and capacity too. A WiFi 6 router can connect with 4x as many devices as a WiFi 5 router, which means it can handle your whole family’s phones, laptops, TVs, and tablets (and maybe even the neighbors', too). If you’ve got more than a few people and devices on one network, WiFi 6 technology can make all the difference when it comes to streaming, gaming, video chatting and just generally happy interneting.

  • Does the router I choose really matter?

    Yes. Your router is responsible for transmitting your WiFi signal to all your smart devices, so the way it’s built can have a big impact on the speed, coverage, and reliability of your internet service. Cheaper, older routers are usually only single-band, which limits their range and makes it harder for them to simultaneously deliver internet to multiple devices. If your connection is super slow or drops frequently, an outdated router could be the culprit. Many of the latest routers, like Starry Gravity, are dual-band and come with MU-MIMO technology, which allows for faster connections to multiple devices at the same time.

  • How does Starry Gravity compare to Starry's other routers?

    While every Starry Internet plan comes with a WiFi 6 router, there are a few things that set Gravity apart from our standard routers:

    • Interactive Display: Only Starry Gravity allows you to run a speed test, request a call from support, or access your WiFi name and password directly from the display.
    • Improved WiFi range1: With Gravity you can expect coverage up to 3,500ft2 vs 2,500ft2 on our other routers.
    • Higher throughput: With Gravity you can connect up to 80 devices (!) at the same time.
    • Max tech specs: Gravity's 8x8 antenna array (compared to 4x4) and max speeds of 2.5 Gbps (vs 1 Gbps) may seem like a subtle difference to most customers but they pack a punch.

  • Can I purchase Starry Gravity outright?

    No. Starry Gravity is only available as an optional upgrade. You can add it to any Starry Internet plan for $14/mo.

  • Will Starry Gravity work with my non-WiFi 6 devices?

    Yes, Starry Gravity is compatible with all wireless devices.

  • Do I have to get Starry Gravity if I want to sign up for Starry?

    Starry Gravity is an optional add-on for Starry customers. All Starry Internet plans include a complimentary router, but if you want the best internet experience available, we recommend upgrading to Starry Gravity. Check availability to see what plans are available in your building.

  • Can I upgrade to Starry Gravity later or do I need to do it when I sign up?

    Starry Gravity is only available to new customers. We recommend adding it when you sign up as supplies are very limited.

Technical Specifications

WiFi Generation

WiFi 6 (802.11AX)


8x8 (5Ghz), 4x4 (2.4Ghz)


Capacitive touch controls

IP Implementation

Dual-stack IPv4/IPv6




Mobile app for iOS/Android


3.3 in x 8.6 in x 7.6 in


3.5”, 320x240 resolution

LAN Ports

4 LAN ports, 1 Gig speeds2

Port Forwarding

Set up UDP/TCP Port Forwarding Rules via Starry App

Get Starry Internet plus Gravity.
The ultimate WiFi experience.

  • Whole home coverage (up to 3,500ft2)
  • Maximum capacity (75+ devices)
  • Intuitive display and smart features

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Add Gravity to any plan for $14/mo Offer valid for new customers only, while supplies last.

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1. Router placement, home size, layout and materials can affect WiFi coverage.

2. Experienced speeds with Gravity on a Starry Gig plan may be between 890 and 940 Mbps.