Starry Station

Incredibly fast.
Impossibly simple.

The touchscreen router that will fix your WiFi problems for good.

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Blinking lights on our routers leave us feeling helpless, not to mention frustrated. So we created Starry Station to change that forever. Now you can see your entire network, know how to fix issues, and get all the info you need–right on the touchscreen.

  • Ambient Mode

    Every single device.
    One glance away.

    At a glance from across the room or up close, know if there are issues with your internet service, WiFi or connected devices.

    • 3.8" capacitive touchscreen

  • Device Activity

    No more guessing games.

    All your devices are represented by blue or red orbs: If a device is blue, it's healthy. If it's red, there's an issue. The larger it is, the more data it's using.

  • Issue Fix

    WiFi problems:

    Click on any red device to find out what the issue is, and get tips on how to fix it.

  • Support On-Demand

    Never wait on hold again.

    If you ever need help, you can request a support call right from the touchscreen, and a Starry Expert will call you in no time flat. You'll get free Starry support for one full year.


From playtime to bedtime.
In no time.

Sometimes we all need to unplug, kids especially. So we created ScreenTime, network-level parental controls that block usage on selected devices. Simply put a device in ScreenTime from the Starry app, either using our presets or your own rules. Quick. Easy. Argument free.

Name Generator

Give your neighbors network name envy.

WiFi names should be anything but boring. Our Name Generator serves up fun options for you to choose from. Got something in mind already? You can always customize your own.

Name and Password Sharing

Spread the (WiFi) love.

Expecting guests or have roommates? Text them your WiFi name and password right from the Starry app. Your name and password are always displayed on the touchscreen, too.

Internet Health

Health matters.

When we feel our best we perform our best. The same goes for our WiFi. Your Health Score gives you a snapshot of your Internet Health, factoring in speed, WiFi conditions, and online devices.

Health Score
Internet Speed
Online Devices
Signal Strength
Internet Health
Intelligent Monitoring

Track your health over time.

By monitoring your internet health, speed, and connectivity, Starry Station identifies trends over time. Suspect your WiFi is slow around the same time every day? With day- and week-long data views, the answers are at your fingertips.


WiFi that comes to you.

Beamforming technology directs signal transmission to wherever you are in the home. This means faster, more-reliable WiFi when and where you need it.

Mixed Mode & 5GHz Networks

Fast WiFi for your whole home.

Starry Station comes with a dual-band 2.4/5GHz network to cover your whole home, as well as a separate 5GHz network for gaming and streaming.

Rated #1 for 5GHz performance by CNET.


Do what you love. Faster.

Blazing-fast dual band 802.11ac technology gives you the speeds to WiFi the way you want to.

Starry Station is compatible with 802.11n devices.

The App

You can take it with you.

Whether you’re at home or away, the Starry app gives you access to extra features like guest networks, remote health checks, and more.

Never look at WiFi the same again.

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