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Starry Station

Incredibly fast.
Impossibly simple.

The touchscreen router that will fix your WiFi problems for good.

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Blinking lights on our routers leave us feeling helpless, not to mention frustrated. So we created Starry Station to change that forever. Now you can see your entire network, know how to fix issues, and get all the info you need–right on the touchscreen.

“Starry Station is packed with high-end networking gadgetry... but the real story is how friendly it is to use.”

Tech Insider

“Among the best I've seen”


“...up and running in minutes”

The Verge

“Starry Station is a beautiful piece of technology that delivers on its promise.”


“The Rolls-Royce of routers.”

Fast Co

ScreenTime Parental Controls

From playtime to bedtime.
In no time.

ScreenTime parental controls let you block bad content, filter certain sites and apps, and disable WiFi access easily across all devices—right from the Starry Station and the Starry app. No device-by-device setup. No extra hardware. No fuss.

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  • Device Activity

    No more guessing games.

    Every device on your network is represented by an orb: blue is healthy, red means trouble, and the larger an orb is, the more data it’s using.

  • Notifications

    Know when there's an issue.

    Stay in the know with Notifications. When your internet is down, for example, Starry Station tells you, so you’ll know what’s going on as soon as it happens. Without any blinking lights to decode, you’ll be back online in record time.

  • Support On-Demand

    Never wait on hold again.

    Whether you’re having problems with a device dropping its connection or just have general WiFi questions, we’re here to help. You can request a support call directly from the touchscreen, and a real, live human will call you soon.

High-Performance 5GHz

Built for all the ways you WiFi.

Starry Station comes with a combined 2.4/5GHz network to cover your whole home, and a bonus 5GHz network for streaming and gaming. If it detects that a device could be performing better, it suggests moving it onto the 5GHz network.

Rated #1 for 5GHz performance by CNET.

Name Generator

Give your neighbors network name envy.

WiFi names should be anything but boring. Our Name Generator serves up fun options for you to choose from. Got something in mind already? You can always customize your own.

The App

You can take it with you.

Whether you’re at home or away, the Starry app gives you access to extra features like guest networks, remote health checks, and more.

Dual band MIMO 802.11ac WiFi

Fast WiFi for your whole home.

Starry Station gives you the speeds to do what you love online and optimizes performance based on your location. This means faster, more-reliable WiFi everywhere you need it.

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