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Take your TV watching to the next level by connecting your big screen to the internet. All you need is an internet connection (we have you covered there) and your choice of a streaming media player.

Our favorite streaming media players

There are three main categories of devices that’ll connect your TV to the internet: streaming boxes, casting sticks, and smart TVs. Whichever you choose, Starry Station is ready to support all the connected devices in your home.

They sit under your TV and you control it with a remote — just like a cable box.
Option A

Streaming boxes are packed with modern features

Streaming boxes like an Apple TV offer a familiar experience: a small box that plugs into your TV which you control with an included remote — which makes them better for watching with other people in the room. They typically have the most features and widest selection of streaming services, and they also receive the most frequent software updates.

Device Price The Expert Take
Apple TV $180 Perhaps the most complete streaming media player available, Apple TV has a wide range of services and features including support for 4K & HDR video.
Roku Ultra $100 Roku was one of the original streaming media players, and the Ultra, with 4K support, is their most advanced product yet.
Xbox One S $280 If you're an Xbox gamer already, both the Xbox One S and Xbox One X have a wide array of streaming services, and Microsoft doesn't have their own, so they're relatively supportive of third-party streaming options.
PlayStation 4 $300 PlayStation has their own live TV service with PlayStation Vue, and though you don’t need to pair them up, it’s nice to have all of your gaming and streaming on a single device.

Plug the stick directly into your TV and control it with a smartphone app.
Option B

Casting sticks are portable and affordable

Products like the Chromecast by Google plug straight into the back of your TV — no box required. This means they’re great for adding to secondary TVs, like in your kitchen or bedroom, but because you need a smartphone or tablet to control them, they’re not great for sharing.

Device Price The Expert Take
Chromecast $35 Google offers the most affordable option, but it’s also one of the most limited, especially when it comes to live TV: Your only option is their YouTube TV service. You can upgrade to the $70 Chromecast Ultra to get 4K & HDR video.
Roku Streaming Stick $40 There’s an advantage to buying a device from a neutral manufacturer, because they don’t have a proprietary service to give preference. Roku has one of the largest libraries of supported services.
Fire TV Stick $40 The casting stick from Amazon includes a remote with the Alexa voice assistant built-in. That’s an advantage over other casting sticks because you don’t need to use a separate device to stream TV.

All you need is the remote included with your TV.
Option C

Smart TVs don’t require any extra hardware

With a Smart TV, all you need to do is flip it on and use the included remote. They’re limited by preinstalled apps, so you don’t have as much choice in streaming services, and they might not receive as many updates. That said, if you already have one, it’s probably the easiest first step in streaming TV.

Choose your streaming services

With à la carte streaming services, you can pick and choose exactly which services you want, instead of settling for a cable bundle with hundreds of channels you never watch. You can even get live TV over the internet!

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