It’s been a tough year.

We know that many in our communities – our friends, our neighbors and even our own family members – are struggling under the weight of this year.

At Starry, we’ve been working to support our subscribers and the communities we serve in the ways that we can. From extending our Keep Americans Connected Pledge, to our expansion of free Starry Connect to our Fresh Start Initiative, it’s been our hope that each and every one of these programs has helped in some small way to ease the burden for people during this incredibly challenging time.

Well, we’ve got another tool in our toolbox.

Starting today, Starry Internet is offering a new, limited time, pricing plan of $30 per month for 100 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload speeds. No extra taxes. No hidden extra fees. Router included. We know everyone needs broadband access and we want to make affordable, high-quality access a reality for as many people as possible, especially now, when our lives and livelihoods depend so heavily on it.

Sign up for our $30/month plan during this limited time and you’ll be able to keep that plan for however long you remain a Starry subscriber.

Happy Interneting.


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